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 International Movers Dubai

We are 100% sure you will agree with us, when someone think about International moving then  hesitation is the very first things which  comes in to his/her mind.  Relocation to another place is a one of the important and tough task and if relocating is international it goes to another level of difficulty. But our tiger movers International moving services has made it quite easier for you. Tiger movers is a Dubai based international moving service which provides local and international moving services whether it is of house or office, big or small. As an international moving service, Tiger Movers offer you full support from door to door. That is why, Tiger movers dedicates a dedicated manager to you to ensure a pleasant and smooth move.

Relocating yourself to a different country is different than moving between states. It requires different legal, established orders to carry out the operations required for international moving.

A proper pre-plan is require to make a move internationally. Our global move and packers team offers you with a relocating plan according to the full guidance of a supervisor which is exclusively relevant to you to meet your specifications and budget. Your moving manager at tiger movers will manage the import and export processes and coordinate hand offs between ports and carriers to ensure your belongings make it safely to their destination. 

Our movers team will give you advice during the entire procedure and can also consult to them on matters of travel, customs, culture and traditions. Our specialists to begin with gather full understanding of the relocation through get together and collect all the requirements from the customers to save the client from any headache and to strengthen the bond and gain the pleasure of the client. Tiger movers offer highly rated overseas relocating, transport and destination service. At Tiger movers, we provides efficient, secure, acceptable and accountable services to our customers by way of a number of guidelines and criteria.  Our customers will get the assistance and reassurance they need as they set themselves on their overseas moving excursions, because the top goal is to develop a sense of pleasure among our clients.

Warehouse Services

During the relocation and transportation of goods in case of a long distance transit or gap in relocating to the new place, we make special arrangements for the safe and secure storage of your valuable goods. With the presence of our equipped warehouse, we provide the space for security and storage of goods. Our warehouses are facilitated with excellent storage services that ensures protection from all sorts of theft or any accidental damage. All items will be insured

Loading & Unloading Services

Through the aid of our modern facility vehicle and efficient manpower , we turn the entire task of furniture loading and unloading into an extremely safe and easy one. All the loading and unloading is done through proficient supervision and assistance of our able team. We offer time saving and quick services ensuring the safety all goods.

Document Storage

If your paperwork is starting to take over your office – we can help. We carefully pack your office files into boxes and offer a collection and retrieval service to your office on request. Documents are stored in a safe facility monitored 24/7.